Meni philip - music

Violin, Oud: Yair Dalal

Clarinets: Nitzan Ein Habar

Guitar: Amos Ever Hadani

Percussion and Tablas: Erez Munk

Bass: Yorai Oron

Synthesizer: Roy Schwartz

Arrangements: Roy Schwartz

Recording engineers: Bill Tzur

Mixing: Bill Tzur

Digital mastering: Erez Caspi

Recording: Bardo Studios

Cover design: Meni Philip

Cover photos: Lea Philip

Someone told me once, that no matter how much effort, blood, sweat, and tears you put into producing your album, the minute it leaves your hands it gets tossed into an disinterested, enormous bin like all the other albums. Just another flat plastic box, tightly wrapped in clear cellophane, squeezed between the other boxes on the shelf. 

So a minute before this album makes its way to that indifferent shelf, I'd like to tell you that it is unique, it really is special, the fruit of two hard years of work and many years of dreaming.  Why should I, a person who left the religious way of life, create an album of prayers?  I should be recording love songs, or songs of protest, albums that cry out despair or subvert conventional norms. 

But when I find myself riding my motorcycle on the road, the songs that fill my ears, along with the wind, are prayers and psalms that accompanied me as I was growing up.  I love this music, it moves me, it connects me in a special way to the world as no other type of music can.  It reaches my soul.

And so, a decade after leaving the religious community, with the support and love of good friends, I have created this beautiful and moving collection.  This is our music, and I hope you let it fill you and touch your spirit.