Let there be light

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At thirty-two, Meni Phillip lost his religious faith. He left his career as a successful Jewish Hasidic singer, and got divorced. His outraged family disowned him. Alone, Meni set out on a painful struggle to regain his legal paternity rights to his five children. Soon thereafter, four of his ten siblings followed in his path and abandoned their orthodox religious lifestyles. The Phillip family became torn in half…

Each of the siblings struggled with the painful process of detachment from religion and family. When the youngest sister suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized, Meni assumed his inevitable role as head of the secular family, while he desperately attempted to keep the family together.

Let There be Light presents a rare viewpoint of an orthodox family torn apart, while telling the moving tale of a secular family’s rebirth.

Written & directed by Meni Philip, Noam Reuveni

Produced by Yoram Ivry, David Noy - Cinemax productions

Filming by Meni Philip, Noam Reuveni, Yuli Hadad, Lea Filip

Edited by Meni Philip

Sound Design by Itzik Cohen

Produced with the assistance of Noga Communications

                                                & The Makor Foundation for Israeli Films